The day of August 26th

Today, I washed up at 7:00, left for a run at 7:30, came back at 8:10, took a shower, ran to work at 8:30, and ate breakfast at 8:45. I ate tofu brains and doughnuts for a total of $1. I left at 8:55 and went to work until 12:00 when I got off work and had lunch, which cost me $2. At 17:30 in the afternoon, I left work and stayed longer, and at 7:00 I went to the beer house with my friends to drink and listen to the drumming next door. We found a cute puppy. 3 people spent 50$ in total.  We sold kites, wigs, Halloween air molds, Christmas socks, etc. We are also willing to help our customers to purchase products and provide travel advice if they are traveling to China.

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