Wearing a hair piece is not an awkward thing to do. In the advanced world, everything has become trendy and fashionable. Many celebrities prefer to wear hair extensions and wigs for different movie characters because their hair is not of good quality and cannot be styled day in and day out. That's why they choose a quick way to simply put on a natural human wig and get ready for work without wasting more time on hair styling. In addition, men prefer front lace wigs to hide thinning forehead hair or baldness.

It is both stylish and fashionable. Like Steve Savard, they have beautiful hair and people want to know whether he wears natural hair or a wig at this age?

Here we will answer this question and explain who Steve is and why people like him. Let's start with the biography of Steve Savard.

Who is Steve Savard?
Steve Savard is an American sports anchor and the former "Voice of the St. Louis Rams", serving in that role from 1999 to 2015. He was the lead news anchor and former sportscaster at KMOV in St. Louis, Missouri. Savard, a St. Louis native, attended Parkway North High School and Northwest Missouri State University where he graduated in 1986 with degrees in English and journalism.Steve has won six Emmy Awards, including best sportscaster.In February 2013, he made the switch from sports to become a news anchor in which he co-anchors the 10:00 p.m. edition of News 4. In May 2013, he added the 6:00 p.m. newscast to his duties at KMOV.

Savard succeeded Gary Bender as the "Voice of the Rams" in 1999 (the season in which they won Super Bowl XXXIV), and was succeeded upon the Rams' move back to Los Angeles after 2015 by J. B. Long.

Savard was among 16 people laid off from KMOV on September 17, 2020; the station cited that the cuts were due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Savard was named Lead Anchor of KOLR10 news in Springfield, Missouri on May 14, 2021.
Personal Life

Steve Savard grew up with his parents and has two siblings. He is very close to his mother. Her name is Elizabeth Vincentia Nelson Savard (also known as Betty). Steve is a smart and calm person. He got into the media because of his brother, who was a TV weather forecaster in Joplin. His brother and mother encouraged him to join the media and enter the industry; today, he is one of KMOV's most successful news reporters.

Steve married a beautiful woman named Jennifer. He and his wife lead a fulfilling life. Steve has two stepsons, David and Brett.


As the best sports commentator in 2003, he won six Emmy Awards for his skills. After many years as a sports commentator, he decided to move on to another field and joined a news channel or television show in May 2013.

St. Louis is considered a haven for sports intellectuals. But with such a lofty distinction comes the need for great journalism on a large scale.

Does Steve Savard wear a hairpiece?

No, he doesn't wear a hair piece. He has a natural hair, he cares about his hair, he has a natural beautiful thick hair. He never wore a wig or a toupee in his life. Once, on a radio show, he said, "Yes, I still have a naturally curly hair." He doesn't wear wigs. One suspects this has something to do with his frequent visits to the barber shop to take care of his hair. Others say it's because he does a lot of outdoor exercise, which makes his hair healthier.

What is Steve Savard's net worth?

Steve Savard is a famous anchor who has earned more income from the media during his career. his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2019. He owns luxury goods, private plans, real estate, and more.

Hairpieces are not only for women.

In the 19th century, makeup and hair wigs became common throughout Europe. Thanks to the industrial revolution, all men and women accepted it.

High heels, cosmetics and wigs were considered essential for women. Men's fashion and beauty changed and they liked the beauty of women's fashion. Both do the same things, such as makeup and wigs, because both receive the same publicity and treatment in their daily lives.

Today, men's hair prefer to look stylish in front of the screen lights. In addition, there are many products on the market that help styling men's hair. There are many wigs to choose from that look so wonderful.

What is baldness and thinning hair?

The reason for choosing hair pieces is simply when people are facing hair loss and thinning problems. Fashion and styling is the second thing, but the hair piece is made based on hiding the baldness with artificial hairs. When men have baldness problems, their exposed scalp is prone to sunburn and skin cancer. Caps and full baldness are not only a long-term solution. Wigs are perfect for protecting your scalp and hair and hiding it naturally. Hats and scarves are not a cure and only frown outdoors, but indoors, hair pieces are a good choice for you.

What are the basic facts about hair loss and baldness?


Aging is the main cause of different problems. When a person is young, the fluffy scalp is the key to showing that you are still young. But some people are born straight or bald. Hair extensions can make you look younger, better looking and more fashionable. Hairpieces are also used to hide gray hair in immature age. While some men may choose wigs to recapture lost youth, others see an opportunity to enhance what they already have.

Why do celebrities choose wigs?


Most women choose to play roles in different costumes. The high-involvement film industry requires its on-screen participants to look unique in their various roles and to be beautiful and handsome at all times. Sometimes it's impossible to create different hair looks with your natural hair. For everyday looks, they can cause more damage. In this case, movie stars choose to opt for pre-styled, perfect hair pieces and save their day.

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