What do beginners who are passionate about skiing need to pay attention to when they go skiing?

For those who are not just having fun but want to really embrace skiing, what do you need to pay attention to from the point of view of equipment, mental preparation, general safety, etc. that can be expected in advance?

In this article, we will talk about six aspects: choosing a ski resort, choosing a project, choosing equipment, choosing a teammate/coach, getting to know the trails, and adjusting your mindset.

01 choose a ski field pick ski field, pick is its trail design and facilities configuration, of course, there is the landscape.

First time skiing, how to choose their destination in many snowfields?

Directly choose the junior high level trails accounted for a relatively high, safety personnel equipped with sufficient snow. For example, Nanshan Ski Resort, Lotus Mountain Ski Resort, Jizhou International Ski Resort, etc. Why?

a. You can do basic skiing practice for beginner skiers, due to their own level is limited, choose small and medium-sized ski slopes can be convenient to practice.

If directly into the large ski resort, but not conducive to the progress of their skiing skills, and perhaps safety problems.

b. Safe skiing environment small and medium-sized ski resorts because of the limitations of the site and the environment, the slope and length of the slope is relatively large ski resorts more short and flat, which is conducive to skiing beginners for basic practice. Skiing process, they do not have to because of the slope of the piste is too steep and fear of psychological restrictions on skiing behavior, in the safety of the security, you can learn to ski more efficiently.

c. Cost-effective small and medium-sized ski resorts compared with large ski resorts, the same skiing projects and services, but may be very different prices. Because of the scale and operation and other cost implications, choose small and medium-sized ski resort skiing, for skiing experience and beginners, all aspects of the cost performance will be higher.

02 How should a newcomer to the program decide whether to learn to double board or snowboard?

This is a very subjective issue, each have their own advocates group, which is a better problem also often cause a lot of controversy and discussion.

In fact, both have their advantages and disadvantages, there is no such thing as which is better, but in addition to the fact that both are skating on snow, they are quite different. If you already know which one you want to learn, then learn that one right. If you're not sure, I'll do some comparisons here, so beginners can refer to them before making a decision.

a. Comfortable snow boots for snowboarding and snowboarding are completely different, in terms of comfort, snowboard boots are definitely better than snow boots for snowboarding. The snowboard boots basically feel similar to the tall boots that are generally worn in winter, except that they are bigger. And wear double-board boots are relatively super uncomfortable, can be used to "stuff your feet into a pair of super hard, super tight, super heavy plastic shell" to describe, walking up the road a turn, for newcomers is definitely a matter of adaptation.

b. Carrying convenience you in the ski resort, of course, is not always wearing a snowboard. You have to carry your ski equipment with both hands to restaurants, lounges, ski lifts, parking lots and so on. In terms of convenience, the snowboard boots still win. The reason is simple, the single-board equipment is only one: that is, the skis, one-handed handsome to carry away or cool dragging away can be. On the contrary, the double board equipment has four pieces: double skateboard plus a pair of snowball. A novice to carry four things in both hands, but also wearing a double board snow boots a turn to go, really not easy, need a period of time to learn and adapt.

c.Equipment performance and practicalityThe convenience and comfort of the double board loses to the single board where the practicality and equipment performance wrenches back in.

For one thing, once off the gondola, people who skate double-board can immediately rush down to the trail, while people who skate single-board are abetted, have to drag a half-minute more, first find a place to sit down and lace up another snow boots. At this point, this person skiing double board friends can only stand over there waiting and complaining.

Secondly, when you ski on the flat, or uphill, the double-boarders can use snowball, or "skating method" to help themselves move forward, while the single-boarders will only be stuck over there, with "frog jump", loosening a foot to turn away, or even loosening two feet with the fate of walking.

Then again, double snowboard turns because of two boards, so theoretically better grip, can turn faster and more flexible. Finally, on the same slope, double-board speed can be faster than single-board, at the same high speed, double-board than single-board more stable. So if what you love to pursue is a sense of speed, then twinboard is more suitable and safe.

d. Difficulty Twinboard is relatively easy to start, closer to the posture of everyday walking, as long as you stand on your feet and keep some stability, you can do simple skating. In general, beginners can practice in a day's time until they can learn to brake on the beginner's lane, master the beginner's turning skills and be able to glide smoothly in a straight line.

But if you want to go further, you need to practice for a long time to master the parallel loop and other professional techniques in order to continue to advance. So it can be said that choosing a snowboard is an easy way to start, but a difficult way to progress.

Many snowboarders have switched to snowboarding because it is difficult to break through the bottleneck in snowboarding. In terms of difficulty, snowboarding is the opposite of snowboarding, it is difficult at the beginning, but after learning the basics it is easier to progress. After learning to walk the edge of the slope and push the leaves floating basic what kind of slope at least can be pushed down.

This is why we generally think that the single board is easier to play handsome reason, but both the double board and single board need to be practiced after a certain amount of time in order to skate in a more elegant position, remember - slowly faster. In general, it is difficult to get started on a single board, but easy to advance; on a double board, it is easy to get started, but difficult to advance.

e. The price of equipment is obviously cheaper for snowboarding than for snowboarding. Not only is the twin board itself more expensive than the single board, the twin board boots are also more expensive than the single board boots, plus you have to buy an extra pair of poles to ski the twin board.

But if you've reached the point where you want to buy your own equipment, you don't really have to think too much about it, after all, it's something you can use for years.

f. Coolness Index Most young people think that snowboards are cooler. Indeed, when walking on flat ground, easily carrying a single board. It is indeed more dashing, and the flying air stunt is really super handsome. However, the double-board advocates will never agree that the single-board is cooler than the double-board, after all, the double-board is faster and flies farther. In short, which is cooler is a never-ending debate, the decision is up to you.

03 Choosing the right equipment can minimize your discomfort. I often see newcomers in the snow park wearing jeans, even without gloves to learn to ski, often soon after watching his hands and feet become wet and icy, and then the first day of learning almost to give up, do not make this mistake. The following share some ski equipment purchase experience and advice:

a. helmet / helmet if you learn is a single board, then the helmet / helmet is a must, because you fall when either fall forward or backward, very easy to knock to the head. Skating double board fall is usually to the side, so the chances of knocking to the head is much smaller, but safety first, or strongly recommended.

b. Waterproof gloves If you only have money to buy a piece of skiing equipment, it is a pair of good gloves. You can save money by not buying ski jackets, goggles, etc., but don't save money on gloves. A common mistake newcomers make is to buy a pair of "pretty waterproof-looking" gloves for the mountain, and after a few falls, the ice and water seeps into the gloves, and then hands are frozen like frost and very uncomfortable, and then you don't want to learn. A good pair of gloves will always keep your hands warm and dry, and for those who will fall and need.

c. Ski pants often see newcomers wearing cotton pants or jeans to learn to ski, some even tuck the pants into the snow boots, I really can not see: fall when the pants must be super absorbing ice water, not to mention, even if you do not fall, skiing soon after the boots are sure to get into the snow and wet your socks, resulting in your feet cold, so please do not do this. Ski pants are second only to gloves in importance, but beginners don't need to buy "too good" ones. Ski pants have two main functions: first, they are waterproof, so that water will not seep into them when you fall, so they must be waterproof; second, they have an elastic band at the bottom of the pants to keep them firmly wrapped around the outside of your ski boots to avoid snow running into the boots and causing ice and wetness in the boots. Although the general ski pants also have the role of warmth, but usually wear an extra warm tights / sanitary pants inside to be warm enough.

d. Ski jacket Many novices believe that to learn to ski, buy a ski jacket is absolutely inevitable. This thing is optional for beginners (although it is still recommended to have more comfortable), you can delay until you are sure you like skiing this sport before buying, so as not to waste money, but only if you have a good ski pants. Why do you say so? Because when learning to ski fall, most of the wet places are in the hip and hands, so the jacket does not play a big role, at best, a longer jacket can cover the buttocks, to play a "double hip waterproof" role. Ski jacket waterproof function is useful when skiing in the snow, can keep the inside clothes dry. In place of a normal jacket, the snow hit the body for a while, the water will seep in. Because newcomers usually do not choose to learn to ski when it snows, so as long as you wear a warm, not all cotton jacket, but still barely passable.

e. Ski goggles ski goggles for newcomers can barely be needed, if you do not know whether you will like skiing, you can delay until later to buy. Newcomers may think that the main purpose of wearing ski goggles is to shade the sun, so they must be needed. In fact, if you just want to shade the sun, newcomers with general sunglasses shading effect is better. In my personal experience, the more important function of snow goggles is: high speed when the wind, snow when the snow, otherwise the snow particles hit the eyes and face is actually quite painful. Beginners skiing speed is certainly not fast, the chances of breaking sunglasses when you fall is also not much, but if you will learn to ski when it snows, then snow goggles are very useful.

f.If you put on all the above equipment, the only thing left in direct contact with the air is your nose, lips, and neck. But what if you are still cold? This is where a head scarf comes in handy! This thing is not expensive, and do not need to buy special "skiing with" the head scarf, as long as the material does not absorb water, warm and windproof can be. For this piece of equipment, I would like to say that, if you plan to enter the pit for a long time, buy a set of their own equipment will be very necessary. But if you're not sure, just want to experience it, just rent it, generally the snow field and snow field around will provide snow equipment, equipment rental.

04 Choosing a teammate/coach Imagine learning to drive, if you are given only one car without a veteran driver or coach, would you dare to drive it? In fact, skiing is also a driving skill, driving your snowboard. For those who are skiing for the first time, make sure you go with a person who can ski. If you are just alone or with a group of friends who have never skied before, unless you are gifted, you will definitely be on the slopes all day, not only is it no fun, but you will also lose confidence in yourself and fear of skiing.

If you have a friend who can ski with you, you can see where the action is not right, as long as a sentence or two of advice, the first day to successfully ski down the green is not a difficult task. A good coach can teach you standard moves, can point out your problems and help you correct them, and his or her professional guidance can help you better accept the sport of skiing and reduce the fear of skiing. But how to find the right instructor for you across the sea of people, knock on the blackboard :

a. Ask if you have a mainstream ski certification system of coaching qualifications, such as the domestic "ski instructor qualification", international PSIA (United States) NZSIA (New Zealand) BASI (United Kingdom), CSIA (Canada), etc., of course, because the system is different, so the teaching methods are not the same, because I I passed the certification of the United States and New Zealand, so I can tell you how I feel about it. The coaches in the United States are relatively freestyle and will take you to practice some transgressive skills when they are happy, while the system in New Zealand is perfect and the steps from setting up goals to achieving them are clear.

The majority of snow parks will divide their coaches into beginners, intermediate and advanced, and the skills of advanced coaches are greater than those of beginners and intermediates. The physical exertion of a novice is relatively greater.

c. Friend recommendation

Friend recommendation is also a good way, after all, there are friends to do the endorsement to do the word-of-mouth business.

Knowing the trails is important for risk avoidance and getting on the trails within your level. The difficulty of a piste is generally determined by how steep the slope is.

However, other factors such as the width of the piste, the presence of moguls, the quality of the snow, etc. can have a direct impact on the difficulty of the piste. Ski trails that are named at ski resorts are usually classified into four levels: green, blue, black (single black diamond), and double black diamond.

a. Green runs (beginner runs) Green runs require a lift to get on. The most important skill to learn on the green course is skiing: turning. Because the slope is longer, so the speed of decline will also be very obvious than before much faster, so here also need to practice to get used to a certain sense of speed. When you can easily ski down from the greenway, congratulations on your graduation, you are no longer a novice.

b. Blue Road (intermediate road) for the first time from the slide green road to slide blue road people will usually be shocked, because the slope of the blue road is obviously much steeper than the green road. Here practice is how to smooth continuous turn and control speed, because if you do not know how to turn, straight line down, the speed will become super fast, very scary. Usually blue runs are the most ski runs in general ski resorts, so most people learn to ski blue runs have felt satisfied enough, enough excitement, enough diversity.

c. Black Road (Advanced Road) The slope of Black Road is significantly steeper than Blue Road, and the acceleration is very fast. But the difficult part of the black road is not only because of the steepness of the slope, but also the headache of the people who just entered the black road snow bag! The so-called bales are small mounds of snow piled up all over the trail, and you have to be very skillful and smooth to avoid them. Unless the skills are good, it is easy to fall, or else it is very unpleasant to slide to stop and go. When you can ski a black trail full of small snow bags without taking it seriously, you can be considered a real master skier. But not every black trail has a brain-damaging bale, so those who are new to skiing black trails can avoid them and get used to the steeper slopes before challenging the bales.

d. The double black diamond trail (expert trails only) is the steepest of the trails. The nature of the double black diamond trails and the black trails is actually similar, also encounter small snow pack, but the slope is steeper, the trail is narrower. The double black diamond piste often looks visually similar to the vertical at first glance, although in fact there is still a distance from the real vertical, often still need to overcome the psychological barriers before you dare to ski.

06 Adjustment of the mind to maintain a good state of mind, is the core point of learning any sport. This is especially true for skiing, a sport with a relatively high risk factor.

If you expect to learn to ski without falling, or are really afraid or do not like to fall, then no way, you really have to adjust your mindset first, otherwise you will soon give up. Because when you get on the snow, you will not only fall, but you will also fall many times. Accept the fact that you will fall, and then focus on why you will fall and how to avoid falling will make you learn faster.

If you expect to learn to ski in two or three days, then I can tell you now: impossible. Learning to ski is definitely not faster and easier than you expect, but as long as you are willing to learn step by step from the basics, it is definitely not more difficult than imagined. Of course, for people who love skiing, skiing is never learned that day, because no matter how good you are, you will always have room for improvement, and that's what makes it attractive. Above. Have a good time. See you at the snow park.

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