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Thank you for visiting jekosenkites.com, where you will find very beautiful kites at unbelievable prices. A quick glance at our website, you will find that we have a wide variety of first-class kites, whether it is children's kites or competitive kites, but who is JEKOSEN KITES ?


"At JEKOSEN, we place the utmost importance not only on the quality of your product, but also on how we work with our artisan friends-turned-family from around the world."

Keep it In The Family
Part of maintaining our circular love model means valuing the work of each of our suppliers, treating them with a compassionate heart and leading with friendship from day one. We started as a small business and believe in the power of keeping high-touch, quality relationships with all the family led suppliers behind JEKOSEN, especially as we grow.

Our Origins
While JEKOSEN started as a dream in Bali, our vision has extended to partner with family-run, micro-manufacturers around the world who specialize in fine quality leather and leather alternatives. Supporting local communities remains a huge part of our mission, and we are so proud to work with Balinese and Mexican artisans who have been perfecting their craft across generations and lifetimes.



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10250 NW 46TH ST, SUNRISE, FL, 33351

YouTube:@Jekosen kites


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