Customer reviews of jekosen ski gloves

On ski gloves, there are different kinds of hair materials, including high-density chambray, TPU, Oxford cloth, nylon gingham, horizontal taslon and other materials. Among them, jekosen uses TPU material because of its high level of waterproof and breathable protection.

Customer reviews of jekosen ski gloves

There is no such thing as bad weather, only crappy outdoor gear. This I found out on a hike at 14 degrees, when my hands nearly froze while wearing "ski gloves." I use trekking poles, so I prefer to wear gloves, as mittens and pole straps are a pain. The moment I got home from that miserable hike, I started the research process - which means reading every review on at least 20 different types of gloves or mittens for cold weather. I was ready to pull the trigger on a "fancy" pair of ski gloves that were $150. I was groaning inside, as I am not an Olympian training for the winter games, nor am I ever climbing Everest; I just love to walk and hike outside ALL year long, and $150 seemed truly excessive. Then I found these gloves, and read the reviews and thought - well, ok, I am willing to try these at this price. For my first hike with them, it was 10 degrees with a wind chill of around 6 or 7 degrees. Sounds insane but again, with the right gear, and as long as you keep MOVING, you can stay quite warm. At first I thought, uh oh, here we go, my hands are cold already. That didn't last but a minute. My hands warmed up and stayed that way. They never got sweaty either. I love the wrist lanyards; you can take the gloves off and let them dangle while you fish around in your pockets for tissues and lip balm, and then pop them back on. Nice little zip pockets on them, too. I never put stuff in there, though. I haven't tried using my phone while wearing the gloves, and I probably won't either, so I can't vouch for the "touch screen" capability. I usually wear a large in women's gloves, so I selected the Medium size since these were men and women's gloves. They are slightly large for my hands, but still comfortable and easily maneuverable. I would not have wanted the small size. Great gloves for the cold. I am satisfied.

The happiest part is knowing that you love your Jekosen ski gloves, making your winter sports easier and that you make all of our efforts worthwhile. If you need help choosing the right ski gloves or outdoor sports gear, please feel free to contact or call us and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

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