How To Store Your Kite

Proper kite storage is vital for your kites longevity. Storage methods may vary from kite type to kite type, but below are some general tips to increase the life span of your kite.


  • You should always be aware of temperature when storing your kite. Extreme heat or cold can cause the plastic parts to expand and contract, leading to damage. So, when storing your kites put them in a dry temperate place such as an air conditioned closet.


  • If your kite has gotten wet, you should dry it first before storing it.


  • For inflatable kites, extreme heat and cold can damage the inflation valves, so keep them in a temperate spot as well.


  • If you don’t have an air conditioned and temperate space to put your kite, you can cover it with a radiant blanket to protect from heat.


  • Gently fold your kites before storage.


  • If the kite is wet and you don’t have a place to put a moist kite, you can hang it up to dry.


  • Disassemble your kite first and put it in its bag.


  • Store you kite away from direct sunlight.


Well, that just about does it. Follow these guidelines and you and your kite will enjoy many years of flying together. Happy flying!

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