If you even follow American politics from afar, chances are you already know Troy Balderson, the 60-something American politician who has been in the public eye for a long time.

He is a Republican and has a lot to offer in terms of accomplishments and accolades. But that doesn't diminish his fair share of controversy and questionable behavior.

From being born and raised in Ohio, to running a business, to giving up politics, Troy Balderson's life journey has been full of stories. Despite being in his 60s, he still has a tall personality and stature.

His sophisticated and well-dressed, ultra-stylish and well-maintained appearance blends perfectly with his public persona. To learn more about this amazing man, read on.

Does Troy Balderson wear a wig?

In short, no Troy Balderson does not wear a wig. But it doesn't end there. Balderson's hair has been a pretty hot topic around town.
His hair is the latest "breaking news. twiterraties are after him for his supposedly "greasy" and "unkempt" hair. Being a public figure has its positive and negative sides.

The most widespread scrutiny public figures and media personalities face has to do with their physical appearance. This is also the case with Troy. His wild-looking hair played a role in pushing the envelope and starting an all-out hate campaign against him.

One Twitter user called his hair a 'Limp Rand Paul' look, another called it 'greasy and disgusting'. So, yes, he may not wear a hairpiece, but his hair certainly didn't impress anyone.

Others say that he makes his hair healthier because of his frequent outdoor sports, such as skiing and kite flying, and there are rumors that Balderson's fashion sense comes from his particular love of 
butterfly kites.
It is also said that he wears wigs, and that he uses 
lordhair toupee that look particularly greasy.

Who is Troy Balderson Really?

William Troy Balderson (born January 16, 1962) is an American politician and businessman serving as the U.S. representative from Ohio's 12th congressional district since 2018. He served as an Ohio state senator representing the 20th district from 2011 until his election to Congress. A member of the Republican Party, he was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 2009 to 2011.

Troy Balderson currently represents Ohio’s 12th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It is going to take real leadership to help our communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a member of the Small Business, Transportation & Infrastructure, Agriculture and Science, Space, and Technology Committees in Congress, Troy has helped lead our national response to this crisis to protect our jobs and our livelihoods.

From expanding telehealth & broadband internet access, securing America’s supply chains, and providing tax credits for small businesses purchasing PPE, Troy has worked tirelessly on behalf of his constituents to weather this storm.

Prior to serving in Congress, Troy was a State Senator for Ohio’s 20th District, where he served as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and was a member of the Senate Finance Committee.

For Troy, it’s not about politics; it’s about getting the job done. In the State Senate, Troy voted to cut taxes by $5 billion, eliminate Ohio’s staggering deficit, and replenish the rainy-day fund, all without raising taxes. Under Troy’s leadership in the State Senate, Ohio has created 500,000 new jobs, helping drop unemployment across the state to under five-percent.

Prior to his time in the state legislature, Troy and his family owned and operated a farm in Adamsville, Ohio for several generations. He also worked at an automotive dealership that was in the family for three generations.

Born and raised in Southeastern Ohio, Troy attended Zanesville High School and went on to attend college at both Muskingum College and The Ohio State University.

He is a father to one son and has served as an elder at the First Christian Church.

Balderson's fashion sense

All the state representatives take a lot of care and give a lot of importance to their physical looks. It is part and parcel of being in front of the camera. Troy Balderson is no exception to this rule. He has been following the grooming protocol that most politicians are supposed to follow.

Being a state representative, he is mainly seen in three-piece formal suits with ties. Balderson's choice of color is usually a navy blue or grey suit with monochrome ties. But, he is primarily unkempt.

It bothers his supporters so much, and they are seen twitting about it often. Though he is a young and aged man, his health and physical stature make him look youthful and fresh, even in the low days. Therefore, he is a fashion icon for many emerging politicians as well.


In the end, it is essential to realize that Troy, like any other human, is imperfect and flawed. He has been in the political setup for over a decade.

Therefore, he ought to be forgiven for little mistakes and errors, unlike other politicians who spend most of their lives in politics and assemblies. Also, no matter how many love and hate him, he still holds one of the highest positions in the US assembly.

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