What Kind of Gloves Should You Use For Skiing?

There are a plethora of winter gloves available for purchase both online and in stores, but which ones are best for skiing? In this article we look to answer that question in depth.


The dizzying array of choices one has when wanting to purchase winter gloves can be daunting. But what if you are looking specifically for ski gloves? There are a number of questions that people ask when looking to purchase ski gloves. Let’s take a look at, and answer, a few of those questions.


  1. Is it better to ski with mittens or gloves?

The good news is that both are great choices for skiing, and that at JEKOSEN we offer the option to choose between them. There are some key differences to consider though.

First, let’s discuss gloves. Gloves offer more dexterity of course since the fingers are separated individually. This can come in handy  when zipping up coats, putting things in pockets, or handling poles.

How about mittens? What mittens lack in mobility, they make up for in warmth. Because all the fingers are together they can share more body heat and thus create a more resilient pocket of warm air.

Overall, the average person seems to favor gloves for their dexterity. Taking pictures, eating a snack, or fumbling in ones pocket are all made easier with gloves.


  1. Why do snowboarders wear mittens instead of gloves?

Wait, didn’t we just say that most people prefer gloves for their maneuverability? Why would snowboarders, who would seem to need a lot of flexibility in the hands, prefer mittens over gloves?

That would seem to be the case at first glance anyway. However, snowboarding is not skiing, and snowboarders do not require the same level of dexterity that skiers do. Instead, they prefer the extra warmth that mittens can give provide. They are also generally easier to take off and put on. Mittens that are specific to snowboarding are also a little different than normal mittens in that they have extra reinforcement for the cold and contact with snow.


  1. Are Leather Gloves Good For Skiing?

The third and final question we will address today has to do with the material the gloves are made from. Upon first glance, it would appear that gloves made from synthetic materials are the prime choices for consumers. There is a case to be made though for the efficacy of leather gloves for skiing.

Firstly, leather gloves are tough. Leather is a strong material and if treated with waterproofing wax will inhibit dampness and last for several years. Leather gloves are also dexterous even in very cold weather, and break in nicely. They also don’t freeze and stiffen up.

Some leather gloves even include a membrane between the leather and the lining, increasing the level of waterproofing. So, even if the outside of the glove is soaked, your hand stays dry.

If you work outdoors regularly, all of those aspects can be a bonus. The added toughness and resistance to tearing on sharp objects is a plus as well.

Well, that just about covers it for today. Included in this article were three common questions, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. In additional articles we will continue to look at other common questions people have in regards to ski gloves and answer them in detail. Happy glove hunting.

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