Top 6 Ugly Dogs

Chinese Crested: Chinese Cresteds are often hairless, with tufts of hair on their heads, feet, and tails. Their unique appearance makes them stand out

Bergamasco Shepherd: Bergamascos have a distinctive corded coat that looks like a mop. While their appearance might be unconventional, they are intelligent and loyal herding dogs.

Puli: Pulis are another breed with a corded coat, giving them a shaggy and mop-like appearance. They are lively and make great companions for active owners.

Bulldog: Bulldogs are known for their wrinkled faces and pushed-in noses, which some people find charming. They have a calm and friendly temperament.

Brussels Griffon: Brussels Griffons are small dogs with expressive faces. They come in both smooth and rough coat varieties and are known for their lively

Neapolitan Mastiff: Neapolitan Mastiffs are massive dogs with loose, wrinkled skin. While their appearance might be intimidating to some, they are loyal and gentle giants with their families.

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